1. Make sure to have location services turned on at all times on your mobile device(s). This will allow FotoIN to capture the GPS location of photos that are imported from the device's camera roll.

  2. Before you start taking photos, make sure the correct project is displayed in the top bar in camera mode. Use the arrow underneath the project name/address when in capture mode to select a nearby project name or create a new one. Setting the correct project for the first photo will save you time as all following photos will capture that same project.

  3. Check and refresh your GPS if your device is not capturing the correct project name:
    1. In capture mode, tap on the refresh icon to refresh the GPS
    2. Use the refresh icon to the right of the address and GPS location in edit mode to refresh the GPS
    3. Under FotoIN settings, check that the device is capturing the correct location. If not, refresh the GPS by tapping on Find My Location.

  4. Turn Project Notifications ON in order to receive notifications on your mobile device whenever you enter a project radius

  5. Turn on FotoIN Project Notifications in the settings to allow the app to notify you when you have entered a project location.