FotoIN Patent Covers Mobile Image and Information Capture and Management Methods and Systems

Automate Field Photos, Videos and Reports

Save 75% of Time and Increase Productivity

Used by Enterprise Teams

AECOM - Uses FotoIN for Construction Photo Documentation

“With FotoIN, our field crew and supervisors save a lot of time and avoid errors when filing photos by utilizing the automated and streamlined process.

Tom Walsh, Assistant Project Manager, AECOM Tishman

*AECOM uses FotoIN with SharePoint, Oracle, Box

ATI Restoration
“We are saving time retrieving photos thanks to the automated sync to SalesForce and Egnyte. All data within the photos is searchable, making them easier to find.” 

John Mourani, ATI Restoration Vice President of IT

*ATI uses FotoIN with Egnyte and Salesforce

Walsh & Kelly - FotoIN used for Enterprise Risk Management
“FotoIN is easy to use in the field but most importantly gives us photo documentation of our work that makes it easy to resolve any disputes and avoid penalty costs.”

Jeremy Fenolio, Director of IT and Communications, Walsh & Kelly Inc

*W&K uses FotoIN with Egnyte

Easy to use mobile application for construction photo documentation, restoration damage image capture, enterprise risk management, site video and project video capture.

Easy Capture of Photos, Videos and Data

Super easy to use, patented system to capture site progress, building, trade and damage pictures from the field with any smart device.

  • Simple Snap, Tag, Annotate and Markup
  • Automated Project and Key Data Capture, Naming, Sync & File
  • All Captured Data Embedded in the Files, Tamper Verifiable
  • Easy Keyword Search and Workflow Automation

Actionable Visuals in Real Time

Automated and actionable files sync in real time, directly to your company's existing systems for quick access and verification in the office or automated workflow in your PM system.

  • All Captured Data Embedded in the Files, Tamper Verifiable
  • Easy Keyword Search of Visuals and Workflow Automation
  • Automated Organization to Existing Folder Tree
  • Field Reports and Checklists into PDF, Microsoft Word
Use keyword search to quickly find construction pictures, restoration picture, engineering images, engineering pictures, trade pictures, industrial picture, site videos and project videos.
Open and Flexible Technology for Managing Documentation Images

Open and Flexible System

Photo and video documentation technology solutions built to simplify and automate media heavy workflows with any other system and still provide full configuration and customization capabilities.

  • In-House, Cloud Storage Direct Sync and PM Connectors
  • Build Tags, Filing Paths, Report and Project Templates
  • Easily Manage Projects, Users, Roles, Permissions, Settings
  • API and SDK to Automate Workflows with Other Systems

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Automate Field Photos & Reports with FotoIN's Patented System