1. Capture photos from within the report on your mobile app to create a report with many photos faster. Full photo capture functionality is available within the template so you can snap, tag, annotate photos and then return directly to the report in progress.

  2. Make sure that the photos you will be using in a report are downloaded before trying to add them to a report. This will speed the creation of the report and save you time on site.

  3. If you mainly use reports, turn on the 'Start App with Reports' setting. This way when you open the FotoIN app, you are directed to the list of reports automatically.

  4. Make sure the 'Unanswered Questions' setting is turned off. This will keep unanswered questions from showing up on your finished reports and produce a cleaner and more concise report.

  5. For small to medium sized reports, you can preview as a PDF before uploading. This will allow you to review and make sure all of the necessary information and photos are in the report.