Creating projects under the Configurator on the web portal enables FotoIN to use GPS location for automated project identification when taking photos on the job site. Plans and blueprints can be added to projects as well for faster retrieval from the field. Contact us to learn more about the ability to add this feature to your company account.

Add Plans to a Project

  1. Under Admin Console, select ‘Projects’ and then select an existing project or create a new one.

  2. Under the Projects label, click on Add and a popup window will prompt you to:

    1. Type in the name of the plan/blueprint.
    2. Click on ‘Browse..’ to upload a PDF, PNG or JPEG file from your computer.
    3. When the file is ready to Publish, you can preview the image full screen or reject the image.
    4. Finally, click Publish to approve the plan and make it available to field users. Then click Save to save the file to the project.

  3. After the plan is Published, the option ‘Is Active’ will be turned on. To make the plan unavailable to field users, un-check this box.
qsg web portal - add plans to project-189157-edited
Tip: Make sure to always save changes made to the Project by clicking the Save button on the Project level.

Viewing Photos On Plans

  1. From the main nav, click on ‘Photos’ to open the photo gallery. Click on the drop down in the upper left corner and select Plan View.

  2. Under Projects, select the Project of the photos you would like view. Then select a Plan from the list of associated plans.

  3. The selected plan will appear in the main window with numbered pins indicating how many photos are pinned in that location.

  4. Larger pins indicate multiple locations of pins within smaller area. User the + / - buttons in the upper left to zoom in the plan to view these photos.  

  5. All photos associated with the plan, whether pinned or not are viewable in the right side panel. 
    qsg web portal - photos on plans
Tip: Once the project and plan are selected, use the filters below to view photos by user, location, tags and/or date.