Company Information 

  1. The first tab under Admin Controls is where all of your company’s information is located, such as account information.

  2. To set up a recurring payment for your account, select Company Information. Then scroll to ‘Billing’ to safely and securely enter your payment information.
     Securely enter payment under Company Information

Tip: If you need extra help, please contact Support to provide or update your billing information.

Verify Storage Provider

  1. If the photos taken on the FotoIN mobile app are not syncing to your storage account, log into the web portal.

  2. Under Admin Controls, click on Verify Storage Provider.

  3. Re-enter in your storage provider credentials to re-grant access and the connection will be restored.


Tip: You should receive a notification email from ‘’ every time the connection is broken. Just click the link to easily log into your account!


  1. To view your company’s activity across projects and team members, simply log into the web portal and it will open into your Dashboard.

  2. Your account’s activity is organized by several usage statistics such as:
    1. Users
    2. Devices
    3. Photos
    4. Annotations
    5. Tags

  3. Determine which statistics you want displayed by checking different criteria from the filters on the left.

  4. Click Apply and the dashboard will show you activity statistics over time based on filters.

  5. To return to the overall company statistics, click Reset.
View Company Activity on the Dashboard
Tip: Filter through the Dashboard to keep track of specific account activity (i.e. number of reports created by a certain project).