Download FotoIN Studio

  1. To receive FotoIN Studio, please contact FotoIN Support to request the desktop app download. Please make sure you include information about the operating system on your computer.

  2. Once you’ve received the file, double click to download FotoIN Studio to your computer.

  3. Once the file is fully downloaded, double click it again and add the FotoIN Studio icon to your Applications folder.

  4. When you are finished installing FotoIN Studio, select the FotoIN Studio icon from your applications folder and drag it to your desktop for PC’s or right click the FotoIN icon and click Keep in Dock for Mac’s.

save_to_applications.png   locate_to_open_app.png 

TIP: For quicker access, add the FotoIN Studio icon to your desktop or dock.

Log In & Settings

  1. Once downloaded, open FotoIN Studio and you will be directed to login.

  2. Type in your credentials and click ‘Log In’.

    1. If you receive the error ‘Invalid Login, please check your credentials”, please reset your password on the web portal login screen.
    2. If you receive ‘token expired’, log in to the web portal and verify your storage provider under ‘Admin Controls’.

login.png   login_invalid_creds.png

  1. If you need to logout or switch accounts, click on Settings in the top toolbar of the app.

  2. Under Settings is where you can also find ‘Preferences’ for FotoIN Studio. Here you will be able to:
    1. View your Company Name
    2. View your Device Id
    3. Update your Device Name
    4. Retain file title on import (use the source file’s title)
    5. Download photos on demand

TIP: Log in with the same email and password that you use for the FotoIN mobile app and web portal.