List & Map View

  1. List view: Easily view a list from the photo gallery screen that displays photo thumbnails, project name, user and date captured, plus applied tags.

  2. Map view: View captured photos on a map by tapping the map icon. Each pin represent a photo. Tapping on a pin will display the photo’s information. Return to list view by tapping on the list icon.

  3. Sync indicators: From the list view, photos may contain a colored icon in upper right corner. Yellow indicates that that photo is being synced. Red indicates that the photo has not been synced.

Photo List & Map View

TIP: View your photos on a map for a geographic visual of where your projects are and where photos have been taken.

Filter & Search

  1. Tap on Filter to quickly locate photos by project, address, device/user, or date.

  2. Tap on the magnifying glass to search photos by keyword(s) or phrase(s).

  3. In view mode you can swipe /left right to view the previous/next photo.

  4. To reset the filters, go back to the gallery and tap Filter By in the filter drawer and then All.
Photo Gallery Filters

TIP: All of the information within your photos (project names, tags, annotations, comments, etc.) is searchable.

More Options

  1. Tap the drawer icon for the following options:

    1. Import Photos
    2. Settings
    3. Send Feedback
    4. Help

  2. To delete photos from the gallery:

    1. Long hold on the first photo, then tap on the rest you would like to delete
    2. When finished, tap on the trash icon in the upper right corner.
Access more options from photo gallery

TIP: Open the notification drawer on your mobile device and tp on the FotoIN notification to open the FotoIN app into capture mode and start taking photos.