How do I delete photos from the mobile app?

  1. To delete a photo from within the gallery of the mobile app, select Delete Photos from the more menu.

  2. Then, select all of the photos you want to delete.

If you want to delete photos permanently from the FotoIN system, please contact Support

Tip: Remember to completely sync your photos before deleting any of them. You don't want to lose any!

How do I import photos from my device’s camera roll into FotoIN?

  1. Open the more menu on the gallery screen and select Import Photos.

  2. Then select the photos from your camera roll that you would like to import into FotoIN.


How do I import photos from a digital camera into FotoIN?

There are three possible options:
  1. You can download the FotoIN app to any camera with Android operating system. 

  2. Get the photos onto your mobile device and import them using the mobile application.

  3. You can also get the Desktop App license and bulk import, manage, re-organize, tag and update photos.

How do I continuously take photos in a row without having to preview them or edit them?

Yes, in capture mode you will see an option in the bottom left called ‘Preview’. When Preview is turned off, you can take continuous photos without interruptions. 

Swiping it to the right means Preview is ON. Swiping it to the left means Preview is OFF.


How do I email a photo from the FotoIN app to multiple people?

  1. Select the photo you would like to email and tap on the menu icon.

  2. Tap Email Photo and enter in as many recipients as you would like.

    Tip: Make sure you have an email account set-up on your mobile device before attempting to email a photo.

Can I save a copy of each FotoIN photo I take to my mobile device's camera roll?

On iOS, it is possible to save FotoIN photos on your camera roll.

  1. Under Settings on the FotoIN app, swipe up to view ‘Backup Photos’.

  2. Here, you can choose whether or not you would like to save a copy of each photo captured to your device's camera roll.

Can I view my photos by swiping left and right?

When viewing a recent photo (or photo from within a filter), swipe left to view the previous or swipe right to view the next photo.

Make sure you’re doing a strong swipe across the screen.

Once the photos are synced to Box and the web portal, how can I delete them from my mobile device?

Once you sync all of your photos from the mobile app, you can then delete them from your mobile device.

  1. To delete photos from Android device:

    • Swipe left on a single photo within the gallery to delete it.

    • To delete multiple photos, tap Delete Photos from the more menu.
  2.  To delete photos from an iOS device: Tap Delete Photos from the more menu to remove one or many.

Can I access and edit existing reports from the app?

Once you ‘Finish & Upload’ a report from the FotoIN mobile app, you can only access that report from your storage provider and the web portal, it will no longer be accessible on the mobile device.

However, you can export uploaded reports to Word documents from the web portal under the Reports tab and then edit the the content.

We are working on adding more functionality to the FotoIN reports during the first half of 2016.

Can I multi-select photos to add to a report instead of selecting one at a time?

Yes, you can select multiple photos at a time to add to a report.

When adding photos to a report on an iPhone or iPad, select many from the 10-photo preview or select many from the Gallery.


On Android devices, long hold on the first photo you'd like to add and the option to select more will appear. Make sure that you’ve selected Images from the left side menu of sources of photos.


Can I apply multiple tags from the same category to a photo?

Yes you can. The tag category should be set up as a multiple selection category so you can select multiple values from that tag category list.

If you have admin access, you can edit and create new tag categories under the Configurator on the web portal.

I want to be able to open FotoIN to my list of reports…can I do that?

Yes you can.

  1. Under Settings in the mobile app, navigate to the section called ‘Report Settings’.
  2. Here you can choose whether or not you want the FotoIN app to open up to your list of reports.

I don't want unanswered questions to show up on the final report. Is that possible?

Yes it is!

  1. Under Settings on the mobile app, go to Report Settings.

  2. Here, you can choose whether or not to display unanswered questions within your reports.