Getting Started

Get started by visiting, and tapping Log in from the upper right. When you enter the FotoIN Web Portal click on Admin Console to access the following:

FotoIN's Admin Console 

  • Account Info & Billing: View and manage your account info, pricing plans and billing information.

  • Users, Roles & Permissions: Invite and manage new users and their roles and permissions across solutions and projects.

  • Projects: Create new and manage existing projects including project names, geo radius and configuration templates.

  • Photo Tags: Create, manage and delete your own tag categories and values, and create dependencies between them.

  • Report Templates: Create, manage and adjust your own field reports templates, checklists, surveys and inspections.

  • Report Branding: Upload your company’s logo to brand your reports and impress your clients.

  • Storage Connector: Connect and manage the connector between FotoIN and your storage system, in-house or in the cloud.

  • Filing Paths: Build your own default filing paths to your storage for photos and reports separately, to match your existing archive folder structure or to create a new one.

  • Enterprise Project Templates: Setup project templates with specific photo tag categories, report templates, filing paths and level of access by different roles and users. Apply any of the Enterprise templates to a new project to set them up in seconds.