Web Portal

  1. Important to note when configuring projects:
    1. Set up the project on the web portal before capturing photos onsite.
    2. Set the geofence for the projects 200 ft larger than the jobsite so when field staff is on the outskirts of the site, FotoIN can still capture the correct project name.
    3. Type in the entire address (street, city, and zipcode) into the address bar before pressing Enter or Tab.

  2. When creating report templates for mobile reports, make sure you click Publish when your finished creating the template so it can be accessed from the mobile devices.

  3. When creating report templates, select the Add Photos & Comments option when creating questions to enable adding photos to any of your report questions.

  4. To add your company logo to field reports, make sure you upload it as a .jpeg under 'General Settings' on the web portal.

  5. To save time when searching for specific photos, do not exceed five folders within your filing hierarchy.

  6. When inviting a new user, set their mobile role to ‘Upload Only’ unless they need to access others’ photos. This setting will allow mobile apps to sync faster.

  7. When inviting new users, consider setting their web role as ‘Web Viewer’. This will allow the user to login to the web portal and see the photo documentation but not edit any of the information within the account (i.e. projects, users).

  8. Make sure mobile users download the FotoIN app to their mobile devices before registering as a new user.