Starting a Report

  1. Every account has a basic report template added to every project.

  2. You can create report templates for your projects on the web portal under the Admin Console depending on your FotoIN package level.

  3. To start a report, tap New Report in upper right corner of the Reports tab, above the list of existing reports.

    1. In the pop-up window, select the project and a template from the drop down lists.

  4. Then click Start and you will be directed to the new report’s edit page.
Starting a new report

Tip: Search by report information when locating a specific report (questions, answers, annotations, comments etc.).

Answering Questions

  1. Every report starts with the review of the ‘Key Information’ section.

  2. Start answering questions by entering data, selecting choices and snapping photos.

  3. To add photos to a report tap on the ‘Add Photos’ button and a window will open with the photo gallery and filtering options.
    1. Select the photos you would like to add and click Add.

  4. Tap into the Comment field to add comments to the question.

  5. When you are finished answering that question, click the Next button to go straight to the next question. 

TIP: All company reports will be accessible on the web portal when mobile users sync from their mobile devices.

Navigating Chapters & Sections

  1. Reports can be organized into ‘Chapters’ or ‘Sections’ for easier navigation during field editing.

  2. The ‘Chapters/Sections’ are located on the left side of the report screen.

  3. Clicking on a section will open the corresponding section on the right side of the screen.

  4. View sub-sections by clicking the section arrow and then clicking subsection to view it’s question on the right side.

  5. Close the section’s subsections by clicking on the arrow again.

Navigating sections of a report 

TIP: All sub-chapters/sub-sections pertaining to one chapter, will contain the same questions.

Saving Drafts & Completing Reports

  1. Report options are available in the upper right corner above the questions section:

    1. Delete the report
    2. Save Draft to make it available on the Web portal for further editing and completion
    3. Preview a PDF version of the report
    4. Finish the report

  2. Trying to navigate away from the report will prompt a dialog to ensure that none of the work is lost.
Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.09.02 PM.png  

TIP: When adding new photos to a report, remember you can take new photos as well as apply tags, add comments, and add annotations to those photos while still in the report.