The Configurator Tags section is where tag categories and values are created and edited. Mobile users will have access to these tags when capturing in the field.
  1. To create a new tag category, click on Add Category in the left column, and type in the name of that category. Check the Require tag selection box to require users to select a value from this category for every photo.

  2. Determine the selection option for mobile users:
    1. Single selection: Allows users to select one tag value only
    2. Multiple selection: Allows users to select many tag values.

  3. After saving the tag category, select it from the category’s row to add new tag values. Type new tag value names above the middle row and click Add.

  4. Add dependent tag values:
    1. Select the tag category and then select the tag value you wish to associate new selection options.
    2. Open drop down under 'Dependent Tag Values' and select from existing tag categories to view the tag values below.
    3. Check the boxes for each value that you would like to be dependent.
    4. Select all of the tag values for the entire category. Click Save Changes.

  5. All tag categories and values can be organized by dragging and dropping each one into the preferred order.

Create and manage tag categories

TIP: Each change takes effect after clicking “Save” or “Add” and does not re-organize already filed photos. New tags will appear in the mobile app after an app sync.


Under Filing Paths, you can configure your company’s folder hierarchy within your storage repository. The following steps are the same of all hierarchies.
  1. To create new folders: Select the filing path to add a new folder to. Type in the new folder’s name into the text field and click Add. The new folder will be added to the bottom of the ‘Current Folder Order’ column.

  2. To add an existing folder to the current hierarchy: drag a folder name from ‘Folders Not in Use’ over to ‘Current Folder Order’ on the left.

  3. To remove a folder from the current hierarchy: drag the folder name from ‘Current Folder Order’ over to’ Folders Not In Use’ on the right.

  4. To organize the existing folder hierarchy: drag and drop the folders within the ‘Current Folder Order’ column.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.28.01 AM.png

Two types of folders within your existing hierarchy are:
  1. Fixed folders: the name of the folder does not change and are highlighted pink.

  2. Variable folders: the name of the folder will change, based on the defining variable (i.e Project will change based on the different project names).

TIP: Each change takes effect after clicking “Save” or “Add” and does not re-organize already filed photos. New organization will take place after each mobile device has synced and then captures new photos or reports.