Create, manage and adjust your own field reports templates, checklists, surveys and inspections. All reports can be shared from the app, uploaded to your storage account and accessed on the web portal.

Select Continue under ‘Report Templates’  of the Admin Console to get started.

New Templates

  1. Click New template above the list of templates. Type in the name for the new report template and select whether or not you would like a title page.

  2. Then check all the following options of information that you would like to include in the header: Project, Address, Device and Date. Click Create.

  3. Under Template options, determine the default layout for rendering photos, photo details and Footer text, to be include in the PDF.

qsg web portal - report template options


Add Sections

1. To add sections, click Add a section at the bottom of the ‘Sections’ column.

2. Each time you type in a title and hit enter, a new row will appear for another sub-chapter.

3. Enter in the section name and the names of any subsections and hit ‘Enter’.  

Report template sections & sub-sections

TIP: All subsections will contain the same questions from their chapter. For example: 'Floor 1' and 'Floor 2' subsections, have the same questions. So you only need to create the questions once!

Add Questions

 Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 9.06.32 AM.png
  1. To add questions, select the desired chapter and click Add a new question under the ‘Questions’ column.

  2. Type in the question text and select an answer type:

    1. Text: answer with free text response
    2. Photo: answer with photos only
    3. Number: answer with numbers only
    4. Flip Switch: answer with one of two options
    5. List single-choice: answer by selecting one option from one list
    6. List multi-choice: answer by selecting many options from one list
    7. Double list single-choice: answer by selecting many options from two seperate lists


  3. Next, simply check the box Include Photos & Comments.

  4. To finalize a form template and make it available in the mobile app, click Publish and the form will be available to users after their next sync.

  5. During the configuration of form templates, use the action buttons to:
    1. Save any changes made
    2. Disable a form on the mobile app
    3. Reset form template and build from the beginning
    4. Delete the form template


TIP: Make sure mobile users have re-started or synced their mobile app to capture the newly created forms.