The Web Management Portal Reports tab is where you will find all reports that users created within FotoIN. All field information is embedded in the reports - as well as the photos within the reports - including tags, annotations, and comments.

Filter and Seach

  1. Under the Reports tab, all of your company’s reports are searchable by:
    1. Keyword(s)
    2. Projects
    3. Users
    4. Locations
    5. Date
  1. Select one or multiple filter options to narrow down the list for easier access to finding specific reports.

  2. Once you have selected the necessary filters, click Apply and all the reports that match your search will be displayed.

  3. To search through your reports keywords or phrases, type into the ‘Search’ field above the filters and press Enter on your keyboard.

  4. To view all of the company reports again, click Reset.
Filter and Search for Reports on the Web Portal

Tip: Search by report information when locating a specific report (questions, answers, annotations, comments etc.).

Access Reports

    1. To complete a report on the web portal, click the Edit button on the row of the report that you wish to finish.

    2. To download a Completed Report from the web portal to your computer, click either the PDF icon or Word icon (plan specific), to the left of the report title. 


    3. Completed report can be exported into two different formats:
      1. PDF to use or share that report.
      2. Word for easy editing of the report in MS Word.

    4. Double click on the preferred icon and select where you would like to save the report to your computer. Click Save.

    5. Downloading reports will not remove them from the web portal. They will remain available for anyone with access to download as a PDF or Word Doc.
Tip: Clicking on the column names in the Reports table will sort reports in ascending or descending order.