1. Go to, select Register in the top right corner and fill in your contact information and tap Register for free to continue.

  2. Check your inbox for a welcome email and click the Verify your email link to complete the registration.

    Welcome to FotoIN! Please verify your account.

  3. FotoIN’s direct sync connectors can be set up by contacting for further instructions.

    1. For cloud connectors: enter in your credentials and grant access to FotoIN.
    2. For in-house servers: enter in the server’s URL and follow the instructions, we may contact you to complete the connection.

      FotoIN Direct Sync Connectors

  4. Once connection to your storage provider account has been established, enter in the Company Admin information. The email and password will be used to log into the web portal.


TIP: If you don't receive the verification email from FotoIN after 5 minutes, please check your account's spam folder.

Invite New Users

    1. Once logged into the web portal, navigate to ‘User Management’ under Admin Controls and click on New User in the top right.

    2. In the window, fill out the new user’s first and last name, and email address.
      New User

    3. Select their permission for ‘Mobile Role’:
      1. Upload & Download: View all company photos on the mobile app
      2. Upload Only: View only their photos on the mobile app
      3. None: No access from the mobile app

    4. Select their permission for 'Web Role':
      1. Admin: Full access and editing capabilities, such as creating new projects and editing tag categories
      2. Project Admin: Access to view and manage specific projects only
      3. Web Viewer: Access to only view information with no administration rights 
      4. None: No access to the web portal


    5. Once you have selected permission levels, click Invite at the bottom. 

    6. The new user will receive an invitation email that they will open on their mobile device and then they will create their own password.  

TIP: Make sure the new user has downloaded the FotoIN app to their device before opening the 'Join FotoIN' email.