Under the Photos tab, you will be able to view and work with all of your company's photos. Filter to segment by key variable/s, or simply search by keyword. Remember, all the field information is embedded in the photos, including tags, annotations, and comments.

Filter & Search Photos

  1. Under the Photos tab, select one or multiple filter options to view a specific set of photos.

  2. All of your company’s photos are searchable by:
    1. Keyword(s)
    2. Projects
    3. Users
    4. Locations
    5. Tags
    6. Date

  3. Once you have selected the necessary filters, click Apply and all the photos that match your search will be displayed.

  4. To return back to view all the photos, click Reset.
Photo Tab

Tip: Click on Map View in the top right to switch the view of the photos from a list to pins on a map.

Archive & Access Field Photos

  1. To Archive photos, select the photos that you want to remove from FotoIN’s web portal and click the Archive button. Archiving photos will remove them from active view in the FotoIN web portal and Unarchiving photos will bring them back into active view. (Not all users will have the ability to Archive photos.)

  2. To Unarchive photos, select photos that are labeled Archived and click the Unarchive button. These photos will once again, become active within the FotoIN web portal for users to access. 

    Archived photo

  3. To view a single photo, click anywhere on the photo’s row.

  4. On the right side of the preview window you will see all of the captured field information. Click Edit to update the project or tags.

  5. To download a photo to your desktop, click Download above the photo. You can also print the photo and emailing the photo will be available soon.
    How to edit a photo's project and tags
Tip: Clicking on the titles of each column in the photo table will sort photos in ascending or descending order. 
*Archiving Photo to be released soon. **Email photo coming soon.