Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

How do I connect to my company's existing storage system?

FotoIN is fully open and can connect to any storage system.

Please contact us about which system you would like to connect to.

What does “free app” really mean?

The FotoIN mobile app can be used for free and does not require a FotoIN account, even though they are free account. User without an account is limited to on-device storage only with no syncing to external storage repository.

To learn more, please see our Pricing Plans.

What is a user?

A user is an individual who uses FotoIN to take photos and capture information in the field. A user is equivalent to a device. Enterprise accounts can have unlimited users.

What if a user has multiple devices?

Paid users are allowed to have multiple devices for a single subscription fee. Free users are limited to a single device.

What is the difference between device name and username?

A device name on FotoIN is the name specific to your mobile device. For example, 'Meg's Phone'.

A username on FotoIN is the user’s name when they are invited to a FotoIN company account.

Why can't I access finished reports on the mobile app?

Once you complete a report from the FotoIN mobile app you can view it as a PDF by downloading the report to your device, from the gallery.

You can also view “Completed Reports” on the web portal or in your storage repository. Reports accessed on the web portal can be exported to Word if additional edits are necessary.

Why are some of my photos are picking up the wrong project name and/or address?

Projects and addresses depend solely on the accuracy of the GPS reading on the device. Which in turn is determined by the GPS chip in the device, the operating system and strength of the cellular signal.

We recommend to:

  1. Make sure location services are turned ON for your mobile device
  2. Set the project geofences in advance

  3. Set the radius large enough to have some buffer

  4. If there are multiple projects in the same area, a pop-up menu will open with the available projects for you to select from. You may also tap on the project name in the top of the screen to open this menu and select the correct project.


Why is the GPS capturing an incorrect location or not capturing my location at all?

  1. Check to make sure your GPS/Location services are turned ON for your mobile device. Look under General Settings of your device’s settings app.

  2. From the capture mode or edit screen, click the refresh icon(s) to update the GPS location.

  3. Under Settings in the FotoIN app, tap Find My Location to refresh the GPS.

Why can I not comment or annotate on some of the photos?

A user can only edit the photos he or she took and cannot edit other user's photos.

This is an intentional control mechanism to maintain the fidelity of the information and accountability to the company that owns the FotoIN account.

Can I delete photos from FotoIN?


Every user can delete photos from their app:


  • For Apple devices, delete one photo by swiping left on that specific photo or delete many by tapping the checkmark in the top toolbar. Select the photos you would like to remove and tap the trash icon in the upper right corner to delete them.

  • For Android devices, delete one photo by swiping left on that specific photo or delete many by tapping and holding down on the first photo and then selecting the rest.

To delete photos from the FotoIN system completely, contact FotoIN Support.

Why are my photos not showing up in my storage account or the web portal?

To utilize the full functionality of FotoIN, you must connect a storage account to your FotoIN account.

If your photos are not showing up in your storage account or the web portal, make sure that device sync is complete and that the connection to your storage repository is verified under Admin Controls on the web portal.


Why is my device not syncing to my storage account or the web portal?

There are a few potential causes:

  1. Your internet connection is slow or not working at all

  2. You do not have the permission to upload photos

  3. Your app is not connected to a company account with a set up storage connector

  4. Storage repository connection has expired

Follow these steps to ensure your connection is verified:

  1. Under Admin Controls on the web portal, select Verify Storage Provider on the left.

  2. Here, you can verify the connection to your storage provider by clicking on the red button “Verify”.