Easy Capture in the Field
Photos, Data & Reports

Data Capture

Embedded data
Automated project identification logic based on GPS location and easy photo tagging, annotating and commenting, and all the data embedded in the photo file.
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Photo Reports
from the Site


Report in real time from the field and avoid delays in sharing time sensitive information. Set up your daily or safety reports and get them done in minutes right on site.
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Easy Photo

Visually document your site inspection (Safety, Quality Control) with unlimited photos to support the inspection findings. You get the rich photo files too, not just the PDF.

Photo + Data
Capture Templates

Report templates can be used for any standardized photo and data collection. Use unlimited photos and many question/answer combinations to make it your own. 

Mobile Storage

Automate upload, filing and organization of photos and reports from the mobile device directly to existing folder hierarchy in cloud or in-house storage repositories.
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