Easy to use across mobile and web

Easy to Use

Mobile, Web and Desktop solutions

Super easy to capture photos, data and reports in the field with a single mobile tool. Works together with your existing systems to improve and streamline field to office communication with visuals.

Photo and Data Capture

Quickly snap photos, add data or complete reports with one mobile solution.
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Automated File Naming

Photos and Reports are meaningfully named for you  and you can configure the naming convention to suit your needs.

Automated Data Capture

Date, time, user, address and project information is automatically captured from the device and system and embedded into the photos and reports together with tags, annotations and comments you enter.

Project Confirmation

As you snap photos and complete reports you can visualy confirm the correct project is identified.


Tagging photos

With one click tag the photo with your own tags (you can build them yourself). Once you tagged the first photo in the session FotoIN remembers your selections so you don't have to tag each photo with all the same tags.

Annotations & Comments

Tap anywhere on the photo and add a call out and annotation, or capture relevant comments with the photo. Don't forget that FotoIN supports speach to text functionality so you don't even need to type.

Capture Template Forms

For inspections or standardized information capture use our Forms functionality to reduce errors and simplify recurring tasks of capturing photos and information.

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Automated Filing

Once you're done capturing photos and information FotoIN will make it EASY on you and do the rest for you - file and organize all the photos reports to the correct folder in your existing system of record. 

Drive productivity and efficiency.

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“We are drastically saving time on capturing and managing photos thanks to FotoIN's automated sync with Salesforce and Egnyte. Automating the processes makes things easier for everyone.”

John Mourani, ATI's Vice President of IT
ATI Restoration

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