In The Field 

Single Mobile Tool to Capture Site Photos and Information

snap, tag and annotate photos all in one app

Automated Data Capture with Photos

Snap photos and then easily add annotations by tapping anywhere on the photo. Tag photos to capture more information and to categorize them appropriately. GPS coordinates, date & time stamp, device, user & project/property name are captured automatically from the device. Capture additional relevant information by entering additional comments. The photo is automatically named and all the captured information embedded in the photo and also synced to central Database for later access and analysis. 


create easy single or multi photo reports on mobile device

Capture Template Forms

Use capture template forms to standardize the photo documentation capture process or create photo reports in the field from your mobile device. Set up your own template, questions and pick from a selection of answer types and capture photos and comments for each question or section of the template, even add your own logo. All captured data is synced to the central Database & associated with their appropriate question and template section. GPS coordinates, date & time stamp, device, user and project/property name are captured automatically.


Automatic filing to the right folders

Auto Naming & Filing to Existing Folders

All your photos, data and reports are automatically named and filled to the right folders in your existing storage repository, cloud or in house. FotoIN comes with pre-configured direct sync Connectors that do all the work for you and replace manual transfer, filing and organization of files. You can easily access all the field photo documentation just like the rest of the files in your own system, share or analyze them. Photos, data or reports can automate, initiate and drive field to office workflows, depending on the backend system.



In The Office 

Access, Manage and Configure to Meet Your Project Needs


Embedded Metadata to Search and Verify

Photo documentation captured with FotoIN app has all the information embedded as metadata into the photos and forms, and synced into a central Database for easy access, use and management. Find the right photos with a keyword search instead of reviewing all. You can also view photos with associated data and verify the location, date and time or who captured the photo or form. There is a hash tag applied so you can tell if anyone tried to temper with the data within the file. Or you can simply access all of the captured data to perform business analysis knowing that any results or conclusions have visual proof to back them up.

manage devices photos settings web app

Configurable Settings and Form

FotoIN is a fully configurable solution that gives you the keys. Set up your own project GPS geo-fence on a map to automatically associate photos and forms with the appropriate project and avoid manual entry errors. Configure your own labels, naming conventions, tags, capture settings and your own filing path and rules and fully customize the capture experience and filing process to fit your needs and existing processes and organization. You can also set up your own capture templates and forms to simplify the capture experience for field workers, get standardized results and more powerful data sets. More coming!


Web Tool to Monitor, Manage and Analyze

Use FotoIN's web portal as a central management tool to monitor the photo documentation capture process and use in our time sensitive Dashboard. Add new users with e-mail invites, or deactivate them with a single click. Set up their permissions (ex. upload vs. upload and download) in advance or change them later. View, slice and dice, search all your photos and reports, and access or export central Database for further analysis. Also coming is an option to give your customers the access to the photo documentation relevant to them and option to have multiple admins with different access permissions.

Value of FotoIN Mobile Solution in Construction
GCI saves time by using photo documentation

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