Actionable Visuals

Enable search, verification, issue and dispute resolution

Actionable Visuals
Easy access to all photos, reports and data for real-time business action, analysis and field insights to proactively manage the business, all with verifiable visual proof. Resolve disputes, increase site data integrity, workers’ accountability and simplify and speed up reporting from the field.

Embedded Content Data 

All the captured site data is embedded directly in the photos and forms so you have contextual information together with the visuals.

Verifiable Data

FotoIN applies a hash stamp on the embedded data in the photo and enables verification that no one meddled with the data.

Keyword Search

Search all the photos and forms by any data captured together with the photo or report, all within FotoIN or on your Windows powered devices. Type in the relevant term and instantly get all the relevant files that match your search term.

Web Portal

Use FotoIN's Web Portal to search the photo and report archive, or to get access to the captured data. The portal shows all data together with the photos and gives users an easy to use tool for working with the photo documentation.

Export Data to Excel

Export all the captured data directly to Excel to do more complex analysis of the data accross the photos and reports. 

Export Reports to Word

When you want to adjust or tweak existing reports, export them to Word and work with them like they're a regular Word file.

Open API enables workflows

Use our API to extract data or specific photos and reports to initiate workflows in other systems you already use.

Desktop App

When you need a more powerful solution to process large number of photos, including organizing your old photos with FotoIN, or prefer not to work online or outside of the firewall. Also can be used when handing off photo documentation to owners and third parties.

Harness the power of your photo documentation.

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“FotoIN is easy to use in the field but most importantly gives us appropriate photo documentation of our work that makes it easy to resolve any disputes and avoid penalty costs.”

Jeremy Fenolio, Director of IT and Communications for Walsh & Kelly Inc.
Walsh & Kelly Inc.

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